How to Find a New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s natural to be tempted by the quick-fix offer from a lawyer who promises to get you cash for your pain and suffering. But before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to make sure that lawyer is an experience professional and knows how to help you win your case. That’s why we recommend seeking out an experienced New Orleans accident attorney who has a proven record of success with car accident injury cases. After all, your case could turn out to be much more complicated than you anticipate—and a good lawyer will help ensure that it gets resolved quickly and successfully.

Check the Louisiana State Bar Association website to make sure the lawyer is in good standing.

To find a lawyer who is in good standing, visit the Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) website. You can search for lawyers by name or location. Once you have found a few names of potential lawyers, check their background and experience. Most importantly, make sure that they have experience dealing with car accidents so that they can build a strong case for you.

Look at the lawyer’s track record to see how many cases they’ve won and what kind of money they’ve recovered. If possible, talk to former clients who used this particular attorney’s services and ask them about their experiences with him/her as well as his/her knowledge of personal injury law and car accident cases in Louisiana specifically.

Look for law firms with extensive experience handling car accident claims for injury victims.

Once you have found a good law firm, it’s time to call. If a representative answers the phone, ask if they handle car accident claims for injury victims. If they say yes, tell them that you need some information about their experience handling car accident claims for injury victims in New Orleans, Louisiana. Make sure that they have plenty of experience with these cases and that their track record shows a history of success with this type of litigation. The more experienced and successful the lawyers are at representing people who have been injured in car accidents, the better chance you have of getting compensation for your injuries after an accident occurs on New Orleans roads.

Make sure the New Orleans car accident lawyer you consider has the resources to take your case through trial if it becomes necessary.

When you are looking for a New Orleans car accident lawyer, it’s important that you find one with the resources necessary to take your case through trial and beyond, if necessary. A good attorney will have tried many cases before and will know what type of evidence is necessary to win at trial, should that occur. A great attorney will also have experience in taking an appeal when a verdict doesn’t go his or her client’s way.

An experienced car accident lawyer will be able to collect all the evidence needed to prove negligence on behalf of the other driver and show how their actions led directly to your injuries. If there was no negligence involved in causing the accident or its aftermath (such as failure by emergency responders), then your case could be dismissed right away.

Make sure that any potential New Orleans car accident lawyer is willing and able to fight for your rights in court by doing everything possible within reason—this includes working around work schedules so they can do their research.

Avoid New Orleans car accident lawyers who give you a low-ball settlement estimate on the phone, or who offer you a service guarantee.

Avoid lawyers who give you a low-ball settlement estimate on the phone, or who offer you a service guarantee.

A number of lawyers promise to get you a higher settlement than other lawyers will. This is almost never true. The process of determining what someone is owed in a personal injury case can vary depending on multiple factors—the type of accident and injuries involved, whether there was insurance at fault, where the accident happened (in Louisiana vs. Texas), etc.—so no lawyer can know with absolute certainty how much they’ll be able to recover for their client until after they’ve done their homework and conducted discovery (which includes deposing witnesses). In addition to all this, if your chosen attorney does promise something like “I’ll get you double what any other lawyer would,” then that’s probably not going to happen either: he or she may just be trying to bait you into hiring them!

What we recommend instead is contacting several car accident attorneys in New Orleans—at least three so that one might have time available when yours becomes available—and asking them what they think about your case before making an appointment.

Consider hiring a local law firm that understands how the court system and legal community in New Orleans works.

A local law firm can have a significant advantage when it comes to representing you in court. The lawyers and staff at local firms understand the local court system, know the judges and other lawyers who work there, and can help you navigate this unfamiliar environment.

Local law firms also understand how the legal community works in New Orleans and what drives its culture. This means that they are aware of any particular biases or prejudices that may affect their case, or their client’s case; they have an idea of which judges are more likely to side with their position; and they know where best to look for helpful witnesses or experts (like medical professionals).

Finally, having a working knowledge of slang terms used in New Orleans courts is important because these terms are often used by lawyers during oral arguments before judges—and if your lawyer doesn’t understand them then he or she will be at a disadvantage when speaking with opposing counsels as well as with judges who may be unfamiliar with such language themselves!

Look for an experienced New Orleans law firm with a proven record of success for clients who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents.

When looking for a New Orleans car accident lawyer, you should consider the following:

  • Look for an experienced New Orleans law firm with a proven record of success for clients who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents. If you are seeking compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company after getting injured in a vehicle accident, this is important because it can help ensure that your claim is handled properly. An experienced lawyer will know how to navigate the complicated process of filing claims and preparing them for court if necessary. They also understand how insurance companies work, so they know what to look out for when filing claims on behalf of their clients.
  • Look for a law firm that has a good reputation within the community and among other lawyers who practice in related fields such as personal injury law and criminal defense work (if applicable). A good way to gauge this is by reading online reviews from other people who have worked with attorneys from various firms over time; this will give you an idea about what kinds of experiences others had working with certain lawyers or firms before making any final decisions yourself!


If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident, then it is important to take action as soon as possible. Do not wait until the statute of limitations expires before filing a claim. It’s also important to find an attorney who understands how the legal system works in New Orleans and who can help guide you through the complexities of pursuing compensation for your injuries.