Louisiana has seen devastating hurricanes recently. Louisiana residents experienced 25 named hurricanes during 2020, just shy of the 2005 record. Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous and destructive forces in nature, and they can destroy individual homes and entire communities within hours. The emotional toll and the loss of property can be devastating. Many homeowners in Louisiana have homeowners insurance policies that give them peace of mind during the tropical storm season. 

Owners of these policies can file a claim for compensation after their homes are destroyed in a hurricane. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny valid hurricane insurance claims, or they offer a homeowner as little money as possible. These practices leave thousands of Louisiana property owners who regularly paid their premiums without the necessary compensation to recover from the hurricane damage.


Contact an Attorney Over Insurance Coverage Denials

The experienced lawyers at Arnona Rose, Attorneys at Law, have successfully represented many clients in hurricane insurance claim disputes over the years. We are familiar with all the tactics used by insurance companies to deny claims or to offer unfair settlement amounts. We advocate for our clients so they can obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve after a hurricane. Whether an insurance company is bullying you into accepting a settlement that will not cover your damages, or you are unsure what you should do next, we can help. Contact Arnona Rose, Attorneys at Law, today to schedule your free initial consultation. 


The Benefits of Working With a Hurricane Insurance Lawyer

Trying to piece your life back together after a devastating hurricane can be extremely difficult. Working with the insurance company can prove challenging, as well. Louisiana insurance law is complicated, and rather than navigating the process to file the claim yourself, we recommend working with an experienced lawyer. At Arnona Rose, our lawyers have the experience and resources you need to take on large insurance companies. If your insurance company has not paid your insurance claim, undervalued the damage to your property, or used deceptive practices, an experienced lawyer can advocate for your rights.

You have a right to an independent appraisal to assess the property damage you sustained during the hurricane. Even if you have already received payments from the insurance company for your hurricane claim, you have the right to an independent appraisal of your property. It is worth taking the time to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer because you could be entitled to more compensation, even if you have already received some payments.


Insurance Companies Regularly Try to Underpay Hurricane Claims

Insurance companies often try to deny claims outright, or they will pay homeowners less than they deserve. Typically, insurance companies rely on coverage exclusions to tell homeowners that they are not covered by insurance. For example, most homeowners insurance policies state that when a home is destroyed by water and not through high-powered winds from a storm, the insurance company can deny the claim. However, there are typically two different insurance policies that cover flood damage and wind damage. 

Depending on which type of insurance coverage you have, if wind or flood damage destroyed your home, your insurance company may claim that your policy does not cover that specific type of damage. Nonetheless, most insurance policies do cover damage from hurricanes and an experienced lawyer can help you challenge the insurance company’s denial of your claim.


Bringing a Lawsuit Against the Insurance Company 

In some cases, negotiation with the insurance company is not enough to obtain your benefits. You may need to file a lawsuit to recover the benefits to which you are entitled. The maximum amount of time you have to file a lawsuit based on property damage is two years. Even though this time frame seems like a lot of time, it is not. It is important to discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible so you can begin creating a legal strategy. One tactic insurance companies often use is attempting to delay claimants as long as possible. If you ignore your claim’s time limit, you could lose your right to submit an insurance claim, and that can cost you a substantial amount of compensation.


Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Hurricane insurance claims are confusing and complicated. In many cases, insurance companies experienced a flood of claims after a devastating hurricane. The heavy caseload puts even more pressure on insurance adjusters to deny, delay, or pay claims, especially when an attorney does not represent the claimant. When an experienced hurricane insurance lawyer represents you, the insurance company is more likely to take your claim seriously.

When insurance companies do not thoroughly investigate, adjust, and pay hurricane claims promptly, they are in violation of Louisiana law. Insurance companies are required to pay penalties that include two times the value of the insurance claim itself when they engage in bad faith insurance practices. Also, insurance companies must pay the court. Bad faith Insurance practices include all the following:

  • Undervaluing the damage amount
  • Failing to communicate with the insured individual promptly
  • Unjustifiably delaying the adjustment of the claim
  • Ignoring damaged items the claimant submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement
  • Misrepresenting the policy 
  • Refusing to inspect the damaged property
  • Refusing to produce a report
  • Delaying the issuing of settlement checks
  • Not paying the client the full amount of money owed
  • Requesting documentation or information unnecessarily from the policyholder
  • Denying claims improperly
  • Using fictional exclusions to deny claims

Have you been subjected to any of these types of bad faith practices? If so, you need a skilled lawyer on your side. At Arnona Rose, Attorneys at Law, we have experience in handling bad faith insurance claims and we are prepared to fight for your rights. 


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