I’ve been arrested. What should I do?

Contact the Criminal defense attorneys at Arnona Rose, so we can begin your representation.  An effective defense attorney will aid you in decisions about bond/bail, and in certain instances can even get your bond/bail lowered. Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Arnona Rose to begin your representation today.

When should you hire a criminal defense attorney?

The best criminal defense begins from the start, hire an attorney immediately after arrested or issued a criminal summons.  Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Arnona Rose to begin your representation today.

I’ve been in an accident. What should I do?

In Louisiana, most injury cases prescribe within one year. As such, if you cannot settle the case with the insurance company within one year, a lawsuit must be filed to preserve your rights.  You should contact a personal injury attorney immediately to assist you in gathering the evidence needed, and to communicate with insurance companies for you.  Let the personal injury attorneys at Arnona Rose get started on your injury case today.

What is my civil case worth?

There is no rule to determine the value of your case. Every case has different facts and elements, which influence this determination.  The severity of ones’ injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of life and other evidence can and will bear on what your case is worth.  Let the personal injury attorneys at Arnona Rose aid you in gathering all the support you need to prove your case.

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